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Integrated engineering along the sustainability path

Paul Wurth Geprolux architects and engineers of all disciplines, organized in efficient teams, master the whole design without conflicts at the interfaces. Our teams are committed to an integrated and holistic design & engineering approach at all implementation stages, also using sustainable technical concepts as a driver for the built quality, innovation and life cycle cost optimization. Excellent green buildings meeting the targets at affordable costs are the outcome.

Paul Wurth Geprolux will implement detailed project specifications into functional designs, acting as technical engineers or as an all-in-one general planner with a single contractual responsibility.

Our services:

  • Green building engineering
  • Technical engineering
  • Numerical building simulations
  • Call of tender specifications
  • Coordination of all works
  • Quality control
  • Commissioning and acceptance tests
  • "All-in-one" general planning services
  • Concepts for building refurbishment and upgrades.